GH Secretagogue Powder Mix – Plain (One month supply)

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Introducing IGF Zone Protocol ™ Pre-Exercise

GH Secretagogue Powder Mix – Plain Flavor

A proprietary dietary supplement formulated with a special blend of amino acids to help boost and optimize your body’s production and release of growth hormone after exercise and help you get the best results out of your hard work!

Excess body fat is your body’s worst enemy! By optimizing your body’s growth hormone level you will burn fat faster and keep it off!

Using the IGF Zone Protocol™ Pre-exercise Gh Secretagogue Powder Mix during the day before exercise helps restore your body’s youthful growth hormone levels naturally without expensive and painful shots! Burning fat – building muscle & stronger bones & more!

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Our ever-increasing sedentary lifestyles and lack of exercise are creating an epidemic of growth hormone deficiency in our adult population!

Growth hormone along with Cortisol is your body’s two main metabolic hormones. Research has shown that growth hormone deficiency leads to an imbalance in these metabolic hormones leading to excess fat buildup. The excess fat buildup can eventually lead to obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease & more.

If you are struggling to burn fat and lose weight, IGF Zone Protocol™ Pre-Exercise GH Secretagogue Powder Mix can help you reach those goals faster without starving yourself in the process. Simply add one scoop of Plain Flavor IGF Zone Protocol™ Pre-Exercise GH Secretagogue Powder Mix to 8ounces of water, juice or tea and drink prior to your regular exercise and workout routines. Using IGF Zone Protocol™ Pre-Exercise GH Secretagogue Powder Mix as part of the IGF Zone Protocol Comprehensive Combined Diet & Healthy Aging Longevity Program can make the difference between real fat loss and ordinary diet failure!

Use the IGF Zone Protocol™ Pre-Exercise GH Secretagogue Powder Mix with the go protocol program or use it with your present diet & exercise plan for maximum long-term results! Your body will thank you!


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