• Chronic Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency is at Epidemic levels worldwide and it’s a killer!
• This Deficiency is Sedentary Acquired meaning that you get it from a lack of sufficient proper exercise and physical activity!
• The First Symptoms are adult weight gain & insulin resistance!
• Chronic Growth Hormone Deficiency is the common underlying cause of Obesity, Type II Diabetes, Cardiovascular/Heart Disease & Death from Covid & Cancer!
• Dieting & Weight Loss Shots Do Not Correct Growth Hormone Deficiency – That’s why 98% of Diets & Weight Loss Shots Fail!
• Our Patent-Pending IGF Zone – Growth Hormone Optimization Program™ Can Help Prevent Type II Diabetes & Cardiovascular/Heart Disease!
• Burn Fat/Lose Weight Permanently – Stop Insulin Resistance & Metabolic Syndrome!
• Boost Your Virus/Cancer-Fighting T Cell Immune System Function!
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IGF ZONE HEALTH – A Brand New Breakthrough Approach In
Weight Loss – Disease Prevention & Enhanced Immune System Function
Without Using Dangerous Drugs!

Based On The Principles of Growth Hormone Optimization Medicine!

Our Founder

Renata Grassi-Conte, R.Ph., C.Ph.

Renata graduated from St. John’s University College of Pharmacy in New York with a degree in Pharmaceutical Science. She is a registered pharmacist and board-certified clinical consultant pharmacist specializing in general practice, geriatric and rehabilitative care. She is a consultant to numerous skilled Long Term Care nursing facilities, sub-acute care centers and assisted living facilities. She is also a member of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists as well as a healthcare and fitness consultant.

Renata has been practicing clinical geriatric and rehabilitative pharmacy in hospital, community and long-term care settings for over 35 years reviewing patient medical charts and providing counseling to physicians and healthcare staff as well as patients. As a director of pharmacy services in Long Term Care facilities, she has worked tirelessly with physicians and staff to manage medical treatment and medication therapy for residents and patients. She is accomplished in improving medical outcomes, managing adverse effects and avoiding drug interactions as well as limiting the use of unnecessary medication (polypharmacy).

Renata’s many medical presentations to staff and residents focus on the value of combined exercise, diet, lifestyle, and supplements to increase patient Growth-Hormone Production and Optimization and reversing Chronic Growth Hormone Deficiency thus enabling truly healthy aging. She is the founder of ARC Pharma LLC, and the lead clinical discoverer and developer of the IGF Zone Health – Growth Hormone Optimization Treatment Program™.





Remember when you were 17 years old! Everything was great! You were young, lean and sexy and always on the go with tons of energy and never sick! You ate whatever you wanted – whenever you wanted! You were wild and carefree – always on the move! What changed in your life from that time? What made you so fat, sick and tired as you grew older? Can’t be the food you are eating because you ate plenty of junk food when you were 17 years old and it wasn’t a problem! You’ve tried a dozen diets over the years since then and none of them work – you lose some weight and quickly gain it back! The answer invariably is most of us as we grew older started spending more time in a seated position whether in an automobile, at the desk in the office or on the sofa watching TV! Unlike when you were 17, you became increasingly sedentary and that is a killer!

So our first reaction to seeing ourselves in the mirror after ten years of sitting and being inactive is to beat ourselves up and go on a starvation diet – only to fail miserably several times over! Unfortunately, starvation diets do not correct what is making you fat and sick nor do they make you healthy – they only cover up the real problem we have discovered that is the common cause of why you are getting fat and sick – Chronic Growth Hormone Deficiency! That’s why we developed the IGF Zone Health – Growth Hormone Optimization Program! The first patent-pending combined and breakthrough weight loss and disease prevention program that reverses the underlying condition that is making you fat and sick that will truly help you lose weight, keep it off and get healthy without starvation dieting!

The IGF Zone Health – Growth Hormone Optimization Program is a breakthrough treatment protocol and health plan developed by our company ARC Pharma LLC, a group of experienced consultant and geriatric pharmacists, fitness consultants and healthcare professionals. Unlike starvation diets and weight loss shots that only provide temporary results, we developed this permanent weight loss program to specifically treat and prevent what our research has determined is the common underlying cause of insulin resistance, weight gain, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular/heart disease and death from viral infections such as Covid and Cancer – Chronic Growth Hormone Deficiency!

Our patent pending research indicates that this common underlying cause is due to a chronic imbalance in the main metabolic hormones Growth Hormone and Cortisol – specifically a metabolic hormone imbalance caused by Chronic Growth Hormone Deficiency due to our ever-increasing sedentary lifestyles! Our program is the result of substantial research into the common underlying cause of these diseases and has determined that Dieting and Weight Loss shots alone cannot and do not resolve this new type of Growth Hormone Deficiency – they simply mask it!

As stated, our extensive research has pinpointed the common underlying cause of these conditions and diseases as resulting from chronic long-term Chronic Growth Hormone Deficiency in adults that is Sedentary Acquired™. In fact, Chronic Growth Hormone Deficiency in adults has reached epidemic proportions worldwide due to our modern sedentary lifestyles and already causes millions of deaths each year due to diabetes, cardiovascular/heart disease and viral infections like Covid and Cancer!

Chronic Adult Sedentary Acquired Growth Hormone Deficiency (C-ASA GHD) is a new third type of Growth Hormone deficiency, previously unrecognized, that was just recently discovered and identified by ARC Pharma in our research and is the result of our ever-increasing stationary and sedentary modern high-tech lifestyles over the past one hundred years.

The treatment of this hormone deficiency requires, in addition to a clean nutrition/sugar reduction nutrition plan and specialized exercise modification, specialized supplementation with Growth Hormone boosting and Cortisol suppressing supplements and medications. Serious cases if not treated properly may even require regular administration of low dose Growth Hormone replacement therapy injections along with regular IGF Zone Growth Hormone Score™ blood level testing to titrate and slowly increase your IGF Zone Growth Hormone Score levels to what we have determined is their optimal IGF Zone Growth Hormone Score™ – in the range of 150-250 – the same IGF Zone Growth Hormone Score™ range as when you were 17 years old!

This treatment program should ideally be administered as an adjunct therapy in addition to regular medication treatment of the symptoms of these conditions and diseases to eventually allow for medication treatment of the symptoms of those diseases to be slowly reduced and ultimately withdrawn and eliminated. Our ever-increasing sedentary lifestyles have slowly and insidiously over time reduced our body’s normal and natural production of Growth Hormone. Our research has discovered that at least 50% or more of our body’s normal Growth Hormone production actually results from exercise and physical activity and not exclusively from simple hormone loop feedback systems as physicians today mistakenly believe. Growth Hormone production from exercise and physical activity is linear and helps control our body’s appetite, energy storage system, skin and organ renewal and immune system function among other benefits.

Growth Hormone is our main metabolic hormone and in many respects is our body’s lifelong master hormone. It maintains and renews our body’s organs, maintains and regenerates new tissue, strengthens the heart and lungs and maintains proper metabolic function and T cell immune system function that literally kills virus and cancer cells by swallowing and destroying them. It works in conjunction with and controls the production and effects of our stress/metabolic hormone Cortisol that can cause cardiovascular/heart disease when not sufficiently controlled by adequate Growth Hormone.

Unfortunately, as a result of our ever-increasing stationary and sedentary lifestyles especially over the last 100 years, our bodies are producing less and less Growth Hormone causing an imbalance in these energy storage system metabolic hormones that in turn has allowed the levels of the stress/metabolic hormone Cortisol to elevate out of control. The result is inflammation, insulin resistance, weight gain, obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular/heart disease and susceptibility to viral infections and cancer due to impaired immune system function – specifically T Cell dysfunction.

Sedentary Acquired Chronic Growth Hormone Deficiency cannot be reversed by starvation diets or food deprivation dieting, weight loss shots and simple casual walks! Starvation dieting merely covers up the true cause of this metabolic hormone imbalance and does not make you healthy. That is why all weight loss programs that rely on food deprivation dieting and weight loss shots to reverse weight gain and obesity ultimately fail. Sedentary Acquired Growth Hormone Deficiency can only be reversed with a comprehensive treatment program like the IGF Zone Health Growth Hormone Optimization Program that targets and maintains beneficial Growth Hormone levels in the healthy IGF Zone.

So how exactly does Chronic Growth Hormone Deficiency lead to these conditions and diseases? Again, Growth Hormone is in reality the body’s master hormone. One of Growth Hormone’s main roles is to control the production of the stress hormone Cortisol and its effects on the body. Cortisol is an inflammation producing stress/metabolic hormone and is an atherosclerotic agent meaning that it is directly responsible for plaque buildup in our arteries. Chronically high Cortisol levels leads to low circulating levels of HDL Cholesterol that helps the body maintain normal Cholesterol levels by helping transport excess bad Cholesterol back to the liver. As a result, patients with high Cortisol levels and low HDL levels suffer from plaque buildup in their arteries and are susceptible to high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks.

Another major function of Growth Hormone is that together with Cortisol, Growth Hormone helps maintain our appetite and our body’s energy storage system. Thus, both Growth Hormone and Cortisol are our two main metabolic hormones. Cortisol is primarily responsible for the conversion and storage of excess sugar for energy into visceral fat (belly fat) while Growth Hormone acts to reverse that
process by making visceral fat (stored sugar energy) available during strenuous exercise and physical activity.

When exercise and physical activity become diminished long term so does Growth Hormone production that regulates Cortisol’s conversion of sugar into visceral fat leading to insulin resistance, fat build up, weight gain, obesity and type two diabetes. It is estimated that in excess of 50% of the population of the United States suffers with obesity, pre-diabetes or diabetes and our research findings indicate that in excess of 50% of the adult population of the United States actually suffers from Sedentary Acquired Chronic Growth Hormone Deficiency!

Finally, we are in the midst of a surging pandemic of SARs-Covid viral infections and out of control cancer rates! Deaths from both of these diseases are directly caused by our body’s inability to contain and destroy the viral invaders that cause these diseases. Our immune system’s T-cells are responsible for destroying invading viral/cancer cells – click here and see a video of how they do it! Our immune system’s T-cells are hampered in this function by obesity, diabetes and Growth Hormone Deficiency.

Growth Hormone Deficiency has been proven to be the primary cause of the dysfunction and shutdown of the Thymus gland that is responsible for healthy T-cell immune system function. Likewise, supplementation and adjunct administration of low dose Growth Hormone replacement therapy has been proven to substantially increase healthy T-cell immune system function to better fight these diseases. Remember, Covid vaccine shots work as bait to help your T-cell immune system detect the Covid virus in your body. These vaccines are only as good at what they do and are substantially less effective if your T-cell immune system function is compromised or deficient to begin with.

Physicians today are in a conundrum! Because of their lack of understanding of the true cause of these conditions and diseases they simply treat the patient’s symptoms not the disease and maintain their disease state! Therefore it’s up to patients to take control of their health! Take control of your health with the patent pending IGF Zone Health – Growth Hormone Optimization Program™ developed by ARC Pharma LLC to help lose weight, prevent disease and boost your immune system function.

We work with you, your physician to get you truly healthy! To find out if you are in the IGF Zone and if your diet, weight loss shots and exercise plan are truly working for you click here to purchase your IGF Zone Growth Hornone Score™ blood test, lab prescription and expert results consultation and get started on your journey to your best health – your body will thank you!

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