A Simple Exercise Plan That Works!


The Exercise Plan

Our patent-pending IGF Zone discovery is that the bulk of our body’s Growth Hormone production and release is the direct result of exercise and physical activity! It was always thought that the function of exercise was only to burn calories and that the regulation of Growth Hormone production and release by the pituitary gland was the result of a simple feedback mechanism activated only when needed. That has been proven to be false! As a result, as our lifestyles become more and more sedentary our regular and healthy Growth Hormone production has declined to where over 60% of adults today are Chronically Growth Hormone Deficient! Chronic Growth Hormone Deficiency in adults leads to insulin resistance, weight gain, obesity, type II diabetes, cardiovascular/heart disease, susceptibility to viral infections and cancer!

The IGF Zone Health Patent-Pending Hi-5™ Growth Hormone Optimization Exercise Plan relies on our proprietary Hi-5 Exercise/Workout Modules™ consisting of alternating short intense bursts of exercise and rest that we call sprints. These modules include running, biking, stair climbing, body weight and resistance weight training exercise. They are 5-minute modules of alternating 5 – one-minute cycles of short intense exercise followed by rest. You choose 4-5 exercise modules that can be done in 30 minutes and repeat these workouts 3-5 times per week for maximum results. These exercises help raise Growth-Hormone levels naturally by targeting different areas of your body, increasing your heart rate and helping to tone key muscle groups.

Resistance Training

After starting with basic exercise regimens to build endurance such as walking, running, biking, stair climbing and body weight exercises, incorporating resistance weight training is perhaps the most important and beneficial exercise you can do. Exercising with increasingly heavier weights tones and strengthens the heart, key joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. It improves bone density, muscle mass, posture, and endurance. When muscles are worked in this way they release lactic acid that naturally triggers the production and secretion of Growth Hormone by your pituitary gland. The appropriate exercise regimen is paramount for optimal Growth Hormone production and release and is perhaps one of the most vital parts of the IGF Zone Health – Growth Hormone Optimization Program™.

Hi-5 Workout Plan Basics


  • Step by step directions for each Hi-5 exercise module!
  • Scheduling for optimal results from your workouts!
  • Why the quality and selection of exercise is more important than quantity!
  • How to work your way into more challenging routines to avoid plateaus!
  • Recommendations on how to work through problem areas!
  • How to set up an efficient workout area at home and at minimal cost!
  • Graduating to optional Hi-5 Plus Workouts for maximum muscle growth!
  • The Most Perfect Exercise that actually boosts your immune system – Sex!