Total Hormone Balance

The most important lifestyle change you can make is ensuring that you get the proper amount of quality sleep every night. Lifestyle means different things to different people. The IGF Zone Health – Growth Hormone Optimization Program works comprehensively to naturally maximize and optimize your body’s Growth-Hormone production and release and total metabolic hormonal balance for long-term healthy aging. It does so not only by correcting poor nutrition and exercise habits and choices but also by eliminating and improving detrimental and counterproductive lifestyle habits including proper sleep during which most Growth Hormone is produced.

Essential Lifestyle

Growth-Hormone is the body’s principal life maintenance and renewal hormone and is also responsible for the proper functioning of your metabolism, organs and immune system. In addition, your body’s overall hormone balance is achieved principally by optimal Growth Hormone levels and production and release from your pituitary gland. Lifestyle accounts for a substantial portion of your Growth-Hormone production and release. Essential lifestyle components including sleep, sex, drinking habits, smoking habits, meditation and social engagement all affect Growth Hormone production and release. Learn how to optimize these lifestyle variables that contribute greatly to healthy aging along with diet and exercise.

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