IGF Zone Health – Permanent Weight Loss Plan

Our IGF Zone Health Clean Mediterranean Nutrition Plan incorporates Intermittent Fasting techniques and is individually customized to each of our client’s specific needs! Why Intermittent Fasting – because Intermittent Fasting is the only weight loss method that actually increases your body’s production and release of Growth Hormone that is the foundation of the IGF Zone Health Program to help you lose weight permanently and get you IGF Zone Truly Healthy!™ Your weight loss and nutrition plan will help you lose weight where needed and help you optimize your body’s natural Growth-Hormone production and release without starving you! Together with our Gotropin™ sublingual supplement spray your customized nutrition plan will accelerate your body’s fat burning capability and encourage muscle growth! They will boost and optimize your body’s healthy Growth-Hormone production and release, boost your metabolism, boost your immune system function and will put you on the path of truly long-term healthy aging. All recipes and meals are developed and proven to be delicious and to deliver maximum weight loss results!

Growth Hormone Levels

This is the beginning of important changes in your body and health. When you are in the healthy IGF Zone your Growth-Hormone levels and IGF-1 levels will rise beneficially to normal healthy levels. Harmful Cortisol levels will reduce and stabilize. Sugar and Insulin levels will decrease, and insulin sensitivity will increase. Insulin resistance – the cause of weight gain and diabetes – will decrease. Your metabolism will supercharge, and your health will dramatically improve! Your everyday customized Mediterranean nutrition plan will complete your body transformation and maintain those results long term while you eat healthy, great tasting and satisfying meals – without starving!!

IGF Zone Health – Permanent Weight Loss Plan Basics

Here are some of the basics of our IGF Zone Health – Permanent Weight Loss Plan that will help accelerate your body’s fat burning ability, increase your Growth-Hormone production and release and that will put you in the Truly Healthy!™ IGF Zone:

  • Delicious low sugar, low carb, low saturated fat and high protein meal recipes!
  • Preferred low glycemic index foods to eat to stimulate GH release!
  • Why sugar is out and SweetZero Drops pure zero calorie and carb sweetener without any aftertaste is in!
  • How to use spices – your best cooking and weight loss partners!
  • Substituting flavorful broths for oil to cut calories!
  • Baking instead of frying – an excellent alternative if done correctly!
  • Find out how hearty and tasty soup meals can fill you up and melt the fat away!
  • Learn the real reason why you should avoid milk and dairy products!
  • How to correctly incorporate treats into your eating habits!
  • Remember what it’s like to eat healthy, great tasting and satisfying meals – without starving!!